Laboratorio de Circuitos Neuronales

Liset M de la Prida

Lab Director

Elena Cid, PhD

Histological & genetic approaches

Immunostaining,  epilepsy models, genetic approaches

Teresa Jurado-Parras, PhD

Multisite extracellular recordings

Silicon probe recordings and kilosort

Andrea Navas-Olive, PhD student

Computer models & machine learning

Computational neuroscience, machine learning, data analysis

Enrique Rodriguez-Sebastian, Systems developer

Neural interfaces & closed-loop

Manifold modeling and all-optical approaches

Alberto Sanchez-Aguilera, PhD

Single-cell recordings

In vivo and in vitro recordings, intrinsic properties

Beatriz Gal, PhD

Histological studies

Basic histology and immunostaining studies, cell reconstruction, stereological counting

Joan García